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"Where do you want to be tomorrow?"

Software: custom designed for your unique operation, optimizing your business and making a positive impact on your bottom line - that's what yesware is all about.

Web Sites: built from the ground up to give you the look you want, the features you need, and the speed and ease of operation that your clients deserve.

Networking: whether you need a LAN, WAN, or a web-based application, we can provide one that will perform at top speed and instantly present the data you are looking for.

Shared Databases: our unique method of client-server replication allows users to enter information offline, and then share information with others upon connection. This method is idealy suited for sales force automation or field-based service applications.

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Halfmoon Computer Consulting: (253) 219-2332

Programming: Microsoft Visual Basic
Web Site Design: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, CSS
Auxiliary Software: Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker, and Premier